A Dating Service for Schizophrenics

This is nice. Very Simple.


There used to be a lady in Bellingham when I went to college at Western who would walk around town arguing with herself. Sometimes when I was fly fishing in the bay near the railroad tracks she would walk past. She would always say “hello”, so she must have been aware of what was going on around her, but then she’d go right back to her argument with the voices in her head. Thought of her today for some reason and jotted down this short poem.

A Dating Service for Schizophrenics

I decided the voices in my

head were just lonely,

aching for another with

multiply tongues and phrases

spinning through the neurological

mist. So they all got Tinder memberships

And kaleidoscopic Facebook pages

Where they can friend and unfriend

All they dramas they stir up in that

Bazaar conference call in my head. I won’t sign them up…

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Website and books

Finally getting some good graphics for the website.  More coming soon.  Within the month

will have my book and two short story collections up.  Please watch out for them!

All the best, Steve


The Baby Step

Hello Friends and Potential Readers.  Thank you for taking the time.

A little late in life endeavor here.  Some of you know I’m a writer but now many more will.  I’ve never been good at networking but dare I say it is a necessity?  Bread crumb scattering a requirement?  Shameless plugging? Although I have been published, it’s tough to break into the writing industry in a meaningful way.  In the very near future I will be self-publishing several short stories and at least one novel.  A heads up on the novel (shameless plug#1) It is risqué, and I’d like to think at time humorous and touching.  It is called ‘Big Knuckles’!